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★Building Castles In The Air

Dreaming castles in the air certainly beats doing physical construction work, but if you are serious about bringing your dreams to completion, or if you are dreaming of a positive change in your life, you must get off your rear end and roll up your sleeves ready to do some work. Daydreams are nice, and they can enliven your daily life, but by themselves they are a weak source of energy. There is something called the Law of Attraction that has been around since the creation of the universe which has a lot do with bringing the dreams you have to fruition. You either take my word for it here, or you can search and learn more about it on the Internet.

As I just mentioned, even with the incredible power of the Law of Attraction working for you, sitting on your butt will not make your dreams come true. This great power only works when you do your part and truly believe in what you are wishing for.

From the very first day man was kicked out of Paradise, he has been relentlessly seeking the formula for the secret to true success. Everyone has their own opinions of what success is all about. Although there is no clear-cut formula on how to achieve this, I have a few tips on how to dream and live a successful life, which I hope will work for the majority of you. Don’t get too ambitious. Take it easy, like the line in the classic Cat Steven’s song “Miles from nowhere, I think I will take my time to reach there.”

Some of you might be very ‘cerebral’ and dislike physical preparation work. Others need to see a visual point of reference in order for their minds to function effectively. Either way, dreaming castles in the air is not a clear enough goal to ensure success. I suggest starting with a visual map of your intentions. Take a piece of cardboard and on write your dream in bold letters at the top. For example, “I want this house!” Or “I want this job!” Write down whatever you want in your life. Now cut out pictures from magazines, newspapers and or photos related to your dream-wish and paste them on this board. These images should clearly show your dream goal.

On the left side of this ‘Map-board’ write the steps needed to achieve this goal. For example if it is a house you want and you don’t have money, write down “I want this house”. How do you find money? Despite the highly publicized recession this is a lot of if going around. Focus on your main objective: Your Dream House! If you truly believe you deserve and want it, you will get it. Think about what you can work on, sell or save? Make a realistic plan on how to achieve this goal. Write this plan on the ‘Map-board’.

Create a set of positive affirmations for this task. If we stay with the example for “finding money”, the affirmation should be something like “Wealth is pouring into my life.” Or “I am making amazing progress towards all of my goals.”

These affirmations are your psychological support. The positive attitude to attaining your dream gives you a new and clearer purpose in life. It will help turn your dream intentions into reality. Think about this dream very clearly and visualize it already realized, that you have achieved your dream house, or have your dream job.

If your dream is to get someone into your life, a partner, or a lover, you won’t find him or her by staying at home. Write down, for example, “find a partner”, then on the left side of the ‘map-board’ write “get out and socialize”. Whatever your dream is, write down the name of specific goal, and then the main road to get there. Visualize your goals and create positive affirmations for every step of the way towards achieving them. Give yourself time. It is your life you are creating, be patient. Don’t expect instant success. Give yourself time. This is your dream life you are creating, not a Hollywood movie.

Whatever age you are, you have acquired a certain living knowledge of what is good or bad for you. Apply to your life what you have learned up until now, but add to it your own individuality, personality, and joy de vivre. It is not just being alive that makes your life worth living, but rather the depth and sense you bring to your life. Go beyond your limitations. Take a look at some of the great people who made an incredible impact in the world when they were told that either they were too poor, too inexperienced, too unattractive, or too weak to make it as a success in life. Terry Fox, one leg cancer amputee crisscrossed a continent on foot. Claude Monet slowly became blind from cataracts but still painted his masterwork The Nynpheas. Marlee Matlin, deaf from the age of 18 month, won the Best Actress Academy Award in 1986 for her debut performance in “Children of a Lesser God. Helen Keller, blind and deaf, became a noted speaker, author and crusader for pacifism, women’s right to vote and birth control. The list is very long.

Building Castles In The Air by Ton Pascal

Don’t forget to do your daily affirmations and think positive. A positive attitude will greatly influence your actions and add pleasure and quality time to your life. Considering that life is short my advice to you is: break rules, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably, and never regret anything that made you smile.

Much love,
Ton Pascal.

Ton Pascal is a self-thought self-help advocate and author.
Your thoughts and dreams will provide for you a rich, meaningful and abundant life; this is the Law of Attraction at work. It will enable you to create the map of your life’s journey. It is not just being alive that makes life worth living, but the depth and sense you bring to your life. http://bit.ly/7H6FAi

What a great read. Thanks for sharing. As one who is learning affirmations. This is an awesome way to start off.

I appreciate your post, tonpascal, and here is why: your post and something a friend of mind just did involving their work station helped me to see and make a small and useful change in my environment. Above my computer screen, I have a nice artist signed print. It’s nice, it’s called “Morning Sunrise”. It’s nice, but, a vision board would serve me better in this spot. I have a visionboard in my bedroom, but if I put one right above my computer screen I will get more out of it. So, that is what I am about to do. Wish I’d done it a long time ago!

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.
— Gandalf, J.R.R. Tolkien
I’m Alright
Life Less Ordinary

Hi, EZ! Neat name. I can’t tell you how to cure depression, but I can tell you some things that helped me. A few years ago I was diagnosed with severe clinical depression and I am now ‘cured’. I did take some medication for a short while: Wellbutrin. I don’t think that they know for sure how it works, it may just be a placebo effect. I noticed one day that I was humming in the shower. That not seem like much, but it really struck me. It was no small thing in my mind. Also, I found myself actually laughing on occasion. People who have never had the kind of depression I am talking about have no idea how significant that is. Unreserved laughter. Well, I want to set the Wellbutrin aside for a minute. That may have had some effect, but what I know for sure some things that affected me in a positive way. One thing was realizing that I am not my thoughts. I can step back from my thoughts and observe them. You are not the thinker, you are the awareness of the thinker if you take my meaning. Another thing that helped me was going for walks. Just short walks. Physical activity, I believe, has a positive affect – even stuff like walking around the block. I am no expert on diet, but I know what your eating has a big impact on your thinking. I remember very well what it is like to, and I mean this very literally, to feel like there is a cloud following you around. So real you can almost see it. Almost like a waking dream/nightmare. It was surreal for me as I walked around. The thing about depression is that it is such a sneaky thief. You keep telling yourself that “this is normal, everyone gets depressed, stop whining and get on with it”. Depression, real depression, is NOT normal. If you are in this kind of place you can get some help. The listlessness may be preventing you. If you are feeling like those in your life would be better off if you weren’t around, then you might need to talk to someone. It’s NOT NORMAL, so if you are telling yourself that, then stop doing it and reach out to someone. If a close friend tells you that you seem depressed, don’t shirk it off. I had a friend tell me that several times and I kept ignoring him. A couple of years later when I was not just thinking about suicide, but literally planning how I was going to do with in such a way that I couldn’t be revived and I couldn’t get access to help after the act, and how I would do it where no one would find me so they would have to deal with the mess, I KNEW I needed help and went to see a doctor. I only talked to that guy a couple of times, maybe I should have gone more times, but that simple thing probably saved my life. I can understand people wanting to kill themselves. I’m not saying you are thinking about that kind of thing, but I am saying that I understand it. If a person feels like there is no hope for the future, or that they are just a burden or that there is nothing left for the rest of their life but misery, then suicide comes to mind. So, back to the top: recognize catastrophizing for for what it is – realize that life is hard – realize that you are not your thoughts – realize that you do have something to offer – try to find something live for – meaning, purpose, contribution – realize that you have a unique perspective on the world and a unique set of talents – do something for someone else – help someone who is truly in need – get some perspective – realize that no matter how bad you have it that others have had it worse and got through it – think of how much better you have it than many other people in the world – write down things that you appreciate – start journaling – get it out, get it out, get it out on paper, write, write, write. Ask yourself WHY you have a fundamental belief that these things won’t work. Are the answers you come up with rational?

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.
— Gandalf, J.R.R. Tolkien
I’m Alright
Life Less Ordinary

It,s all good.The light is more powerful than the dark.

great thread!

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