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Discussion★Can you give me affirmations for my goal?


My goal: to wake up at 6am

I have a terrible habit of sleeping late, i will always find any way possible to usually avoid sleeping until its 3-5am usually and sleeping any earlier doesnt seem normal lol

Anyway this is my goal, any ideas of affirmations please and how to use them?

thank you

In response to jamesUK’s post:
Are you saying that you dont feel its normal to go to sleep before 3.am?

If you are avoiding sleeping until 3.am then you need to ask yourself why. Is something troubling you thats stopping you from sleeping? If so you may need an affirmation to help you through that first.

To wake up at 6.am I would suggest working out how long you sleep for at the moment and adjusting the tme you go to bed so that its easier to wake at 6.am. For if you wake at 9.am you get 6 hours sleep so I would suggest you go to bed at about 11.pm or maybe even 10.pm to give yourself time to relax.

An affirmation you could use could be something like I now choose to go to sleep earlier so that I wake at 6.am.

Hope that helps.

enjoy life!

when I was having that trouble it was cuz I didn’t have enough personal self control to go to bed at a decent hour…. if that is the case an affirmation about self control is in order…. good luck, they do work… love and peace, Kathy

A few years ago when my husband worked afternoons , I , being home alone would not sleep until he was home. This became my habit and so when he went on days I could not sleep until that time because it was what I trained myself to do.

If I am stressed and have too much on my mind I will not allow myself to sleep restfully. I have had to learn , okay , it’s time to turn off the tv, turn out the lights and turn of the broken record playing through my head.

I remember one time as a teen , I had to give a speech in school and I kept myself awake all night going over an over it in my mind. It hardly made a difference the next day as I only did as well as I could do.

You must quiet your mind.

Feel the comfort of the bed and pillow.

Sink into the cloud of sleep.

Become one with the darkness as you close your eyes.

If you can’t quiet your mind then try to change the thoughts to happy ones.

One time while lying with my 3 year old we decided to give sheep counting a try. She began to giggle and I asked what’s so funny. She said one of her sheep didn’t make it over the fence and ran into the fence falling backwards.

The point is , you need to take and be in control of your own mind and thought pattern.

If you want sleep then you tell yourself it is time to sleep.

It will take practice , it must become a habit.

JamesUK, I saw these affirmations and thought you might like them(:

Affirmation Quick Searchaffirmation tags
♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

THANK YOU to ALL for replying :)

@ Best78: I dont feel theres any reason, except that when my family need me or im left due to them to tidy up etc it goes easily past midnight then i feel whats the point or some level of anger that well they kept me up so its their fault if i sleep late now, does that make sense?

However now its almost automatic that i sleep late, i actually feel i dont want to get into bed so stay up online, etc

now i want to change that, i have wanted to change that before but now i feel i may know how to use affirmations correctly and give it a try

So what do you suggest anything more?

@ coachhouse: affirmation for self-control, please explain?

@ d’marie: thank you

@ free-spirit: thank you theyve helped :)

how many affirmations should i have and how do you all use them?

or rather how should i use them for this goal?

thank you

James… I have the self control I need to go to bed at a decent hour so I don’t oversleep. You might need to switch it out a bit… hope it helps… K

Thanks coachhouse

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