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★Today I ...

A no subject thread. Simply post about your day. Share, encourage, listen, teach or learn, laugh or cry, be.

Today I was there for a friend, and tomorrow I’ll be there again!

Words are like seeds. When you write them out, they grow into your dreams and spark the imagination of others.

today I have been practising “living in the moment” as a way to deflect anxiety…. so far it is working….

Today I am returning to the old life of mine.

Today I fully realized —right in my face type realization— that I must start working with my affirmations again. I have allowed myself to get so far off track …
It’s easy to ‘blame’ this and that and/or to make excuses, but it is NEVER a solution. Ever. Ever.
I believe the Energy we are experiencing now is tough and discerning and we can’t just ‘slip by’…it means make conscious choices, continuously. The stronger energy we are living in insists that we expand our consciousness…not by FORCE…but simply by focusing on what we KNOW is important and rewarding to us. It manifests SO quickly.
An ounce of Affirmation Prevention is a whole heckova like esier than a pound of Affirmation CURE
OK…done lecturing myself! :)
I appreciated everyone’s comments on this thread. THANK YOU! :)
from Betty

Today I am going to enjoy my Sunday. Here in Michigan we have been having our Indian Summer , the most beautiful season in my opinion :)

Today I’m believing my greatest good occurs …. where I am….
I let go and let God, and co-create my life by believing …first…life is simply awesome and grateful for it.

One of my favorite quotes:

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” —A. Einstein

The power went out at work so we were asked to take our lunch early and stick around until they found out what the problem was so Today I took a brisk walk and sat in the sun by the water reading.

Today I fast.

Today I meld my new routines in with my existing ones….and I enjoy the structure I’ve been yearning for.

Today i return to my christian roots , it is where I have always felt the most peace. I understand everyone needs what works for them and I have at least learned to have an open mind. Blessings to all :)

Today I will relish every minute I have with my granddaughter. Perhaps we’ll make cookies.

Each Day Is A New Gift From God!

Today I put my whole heart and soul into working on my book.

today im going to see Charlie Landsborough at Blackpool .I love his gentle songs and his accent .


love flowergirl

Today I am organizing my affirmations. I have printed all that I’ve added here on bmindful , so I can sort them out and add them to categories. I will just be using a notebook but I think this will help as they will be more prominent and available since I don’t come on line much.

In all honesty I don’t like reading stuff online. I am more comfortable with a pen and paper and my chair :)

Today I will enjoy some quality time with my family.

Today I will decorate for Christmas.

today I am relaxing and enjoying life. we have closed our business for good and we are feeling good about that decision….

Today I spent some quality time with my son who is working way to hard and who needed some TLC….

Today I finished a project I started on Monday. Painting, Reorganizing and Shelving my pantry.

Words are like seeds. When you write them out, they grow into your dreams and spark the imagination of others.

today I decided to join a class at our local gym and get healthy
love flowergirl

Today I will notice my thoughts and catch myself when I worry; changing the thought to something more positive :)

today is a brand new 24 hours full of possibilities
love flowergirl

In response to flowergirl’s post:
In response to HeARTist’s post:

I love what you both said! Today I will follow your examples. I will also add it is a day of adventure because we never know what gifts from God awaits us.



Today I will dream, and dream BIG. :)

Said a prayer for someone in surgery this weekend.

And another for all those people affected by the tornadoes in the US yesterday. Jeez!

Today I continue to pace myself according to all I need most in my spirit. I will maintain me…not with a sense of urgency because I forgot me..but instead because I continue to remember me . By pacing myself…I acknowledge my importance to myself…so I have something of value to offer other areas of value.

Today I wish I had looked at my affirmations then I would have seen this statement sooner.

Inresponse to Heartist’s post:
Today I will notice my thoughts and catch myself when I worry; changing the thought to something more positive :)

Today I made a silver ring! The first piece of silver jewellery I have ever made :-)

I nurture my spirit and know that everything is working together for my greater good.

great thread!

yaay me! I finally updated my vision board!!!

Today I will continue on...in a very rested manner doing what is needed and feeling like whatever it is ...I will simply enjoy it.

Today I will be myself on even greater levels my spirit joyfully  appreciatesImage result for butterfly love watercolor pic

Today I will enjoy the sunshine...Mornings are awesome...

I will sit by lake/pool and take in the rays.

I will allow todays focus to gradually come to me.

I will know where to begin to continue on from the good allowed yesterday

and in 

the newness of this day... it will feel even better!

Today I will keep in my mind, my heart/spirit/soul that I Am part of an awesome co-creator-ship team.

Today I will allow the Power of the Universe which was created in ways that are beyond my understanding to give me my best day...in ways I could never do alone.

On that note,

I take this opportunity to create a magnificent day-

harmoniously for my absolute most benevolent outcome...

and so it is.

Thank you Creator Of The Universe.

and it all so. Amen.

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