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Hi dear friends I am yash I am 23 yrs old I am from INDIA and hav gone through a lot of negativethings in my life, but with Grace I am now in Divine hands. Things are becomind better and better and I am evolving each moment!!The tough times in my life has helped me grow both mentally and spiritually and as a result today I m in a position to command my actions and desires, my thoughts and my will power. I AM greatful for all the negativity in my life, all such people and circumstances that led me to NEGATIVE TIMES for now understand that BAD IS ALSO GOOD, for if there had been no BAD in my Life I would have undervalued Good and would have missed the point of life the TRUTH that governs all, the TRUTH that prevails and Exist forever as THE ULTIMATE TRUTH IS ETRNAL in nature. I call upon all ye Mankind to dare not to be satisfied for all ye have rather use your all faculties,resources to go beyond to seek WHAT IS TH TRUTH? Be Not Satisfied with the causes rather Dare to Know the Effect, and be Not Satisfied with Effect rather look for the Laws that gover such priciples of causation, because knowing the truth alone shall give ye freedom that ye seek for.

Therefore with your Blessings and Divine Grace I propose before you all a series of The ULTIMATE TRUTH, a journey that will change the fate of our Unconciousness and guide us to the Realtiy, a NEW EARTH a NEW WORLD, a NEW CONSCIOUSNESS,a HAPPY AND ABUNDANT UNIVERSE. This effort is not possible without your cooperation, I will need your assistance as much as The Moon needs The Sun .

I will post some discussion or topics or Thought or Some Excercises etc. that we all participate for the betterment of this world. I will take help of some books or authors or Guru’s or Mere follow my own Consciousness but the GOAL is to Reach THE ULTIMATE TRUTH.

I will first need to knnow How many people are with me on this jouney as this post does not belongs to me it belongs to you as much as we share the air and earth.

If i say its mine then that will be unfair, for a journey alone may not be that intresting as it is to travel along with group of great friends together.

I propose to all LET’S DO IT. lETS MAKE OURSELVES AND OUR LIVES MORE MEANINGFUL. I shall post the content of first series only after i know that how many of my Family members(you) are with me???
Any decision which is taken as consesus shall lead to beter result.

If majority of people agree with me to unleash the sides of wisdom and truth then kindly reply your opinions about this post and if we agree to this then we shall proceed further.

In response to yash’s post:
I agree Yash – every experience can be viewed as a positive one, no matter now negative it seems at the time.
We grow from experiencing pain and appreciate goodness all the more.

If we continously trust that every experience has been placed onto our path for a reason, they are divine gifts and lessons to get us ever closer to the ultimate truth and happiness….all its rewards in every form.

Thank you for such an uplifting and inspiring thread. I look forward to hearing more contributions to it!
Blessings, Anoushka

A full and thankful heart..

Thanks Anoushka, I am filled with gratitude for approing and being with THE ULTIMATE TRUTH

Warm regard

In response to yash’s post:

Want to hear specifics..(: You sound like a very interesting person(:

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

Thanks Laurie

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