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summer★★NEWEST★★Let's Love This Moment In Time

anything about loving this present moment



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thread★★NEWEST★★Go With Your Inner Spirit's Flow, And Do What It Takes



I Am living a Divine plan

  →   My present optimistic consciousness and my own happy energy are my greatest success
->I am completely grateful and appreciative for this powerful moment of time. Each moment is my powerful moment of time. 

→   The life energy in my surroundings are really mirrors of what I love, therefore my world is beautifully harmonious ,awesomely kind and abundantly fruitful

Tracye Hutchins on Twitter:

  •  “The few things that work fantastically well should be identified, cultivated, nurtured, and multiplied.” [Richard Koch is a former management consultant,entrepreneur, and writer] love this quote!


Image result for My body is an amazing self-regulating machine that lets me do incredible things on the dailyI live in the present and my thoughts which visit the future are pleasing

Today I Am loving myself beyond intention (wow, had an awesome experience w/this coming to be 9/24/20)

I Am living a Divine plan


In response to Nancee1953's post:

thank you, Nancee! so happy you visited too!

so true, that is my idea of success-to allow a world I do not a vacation from.

I love the tools all of us tap into giving/allowing these possibilities

→ I respect my everyday peaceful journey.→  I  choose to dwell in peace as I allow myself to be, feel and expand.


→   I love how my mind creates an understanding of the experiences I would like to have  

   I see myself from my minds eye exactly the way I desire to be and now I Am.

             I am choosing to do this now

I allow myself to this  now.

I Am living well now.


I Am living a Divine plan

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