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★Working With What You Have

thread created in 2010 as forum discussion-feel free to add to it anytime!

Don’t Work From the Top. Build From The Bottom

This thread is about working with what you have (very well), and then moving on to to more of what you love!!!

So what do you bring to the table as you are?

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

This thread is about building your own personal strong foundation…whatever that means for you.

Don’t just list it..build it, build on to it..

Building a foundation, to me, is more valuable than pipe dream fantasies.
Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying don’t dream!

I believe working with what you have, who you are in this moment is your greatest asset. I also believe, you should never let anyone else tell you different.

If you start at some top..getting in by some chancey-mode..and the dream crashes, what do you fall back on?

Yes, you will learn from EVERY experience..even opportunities that seemed to be out of your line of expertise. Actually some of my best experience came from some wonderful opportunities I didn’t plan for.

My point is build on what you have. To do that..you must take a good healthy look at yourself.
Don’t stop there, though.
Why are those things important?
If you are in touch with what is important for you, build a foundation. Affirm yourself to build it strong.

Then continue to dream and affirm all parts of the equation , the sky is the limit.

Do not look at what you don’t have, until you truly have taken a thorough inventory of the good stuff you bring to the table.

When I study, I write what I already know…first.

When I am prepping for a meeting, I start with what I already know…first

When I am entering a situation where I’m dealing with manipulative persons who aren’t seeking to build my value, I start with what I already know…first

No one can take what is real and firm. If it gets misused or lost..who you are and what you had can easily be built back to where it was, or something better.

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

This is very inspirational, I tend to look more at my failures and or the negative side of things rather than the things that make me a great person & my past successes. I tend to be an extreme perfectionist & end up burning myself out by my own need to be ‘‘perfect.’‘ Which only leads me to bigger disappointments. So yeah, this was very much helpful!

In response to positivethoughtsnenergy’s post:

You know Positivethoughtenergy…many years ago I met a young girl who lived in a dorm with very thoughtless mean roommates. They sounded like Cinderella’s step sisters..absolutely heartless to this young girl who hadn’t really formed her own opinions of herself yet..and listened to their snickering, experienced their avoidance and she found herself doing inner-talk that spiraled her into believing she was nobody and never would be.

She was sweet person, tall and lanky. She began to walk a little hunched over..as her self esteem started to decline more and more.

I said to her..they seem to have lots of power over the way you view yourself..so let’s play a game. Become mysterious. With a body like hers..she was beginning to look as awkward as they were tauting.

I said you don’t have to lie..just be different..just a little experiment with your self esteem and with these petty mean spirited “children”.

She began to emphasize her lanky body as a model would..as though she was proud of her lean long look. She bought cute little clothes that revealed all she felt she needed to hide. Back in the day..during hot mos. halter tops and midriffs were popular. Her being small chested and skinny..she used to hide in big things. She started to wear trendy cute looks.

She started coming home later than usual..breaking her pattern for the evil little girls..coming back to the room “glowing”..She began cooking delicious meals in their little room..playing music that only a cheery person with a life would listen to.

I said act as though someone just crowned you Miss Universe, Miss Congeniality and answered the important questions on these shows with grace, intelligence and wit. Act as though you just don’t advertise your other life of accomplishments..Act as if..just for awhile.

I started coming back to her place with her..adding a few statements here and there about “not wanting to be late” for whatever ..

She started dressing up more and more..
Bottom line..these girls who judged her as this awkward lanky unpopular recluse ..became jealous…because they were not as together as they presented.

The behavior and the belief stuck even after she got her own place. She became much more outgoing..had real relationships. She is happily married with 3 children today.

So the act as if mentality is good. Just remember when you’re acting you really were something to begin with. You just didn’t know how to bring the good stuff to the surface. You just didn’t know “the world” looks for others to feel better than..so someone else can see them self as less than.

And if you realize everyone has a strong side and a weaker side..you cannot afford to feed the negative side.

This girl was lanky and skinny. She ending up looking like a tall beautiful poised model. She didn’t go for plastic surgery. She stood tall and saw herself with attributes rather than deficits.

Take a good look at yourself..and turn it all around and see yourself with the endearing qualities you’ve always had.

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

I feel that I relate to this girl 100%, or stories are somewhat similar, which is the reason for my perfectionist behavior. I will definitely try this ‘‘as if’‘ approach, it is amazing! That is truly an amazing post & you are right! Thank you so much!!!

I meant, our! lol

I have done this in the past… just for fun…. and have encouraged my daughter to do it as well, when she was involved in paegants…. now I see that I need to do it everyday… cuz I own a business that isn’t doing to well in this econonmy and I need to start acting like it is… thank you…

I have had some beautiful experiences lately.

Was any pain involved? 

I won't kid you, yes I allowed the energy of things that I knew were not ok to feel hurtful.

I allowed the pain. I allowed the stillness. 

I allowed the surrender.

I let go completely of  all that mattered.... to see what mattered more.

I felt my freedom. I allowed my love, my creativity and my generosity to myself and others rose higher.

Lesson: Surrender. and when you think you've surrendered... surrender some more.

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

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