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soon to open★new★★The journey of liberation: Being at our center.

"A startling secret"

The following is a quote by Mark Nepo:

"Whatever crisis we face, there is this voice of embodiment

that speaks beneath our pain ever so quickly,

and if we hear it and believe it,

it will show us a way to be reborn.

The courage to hear and embody opens us to a startling secret, 

that the best chance to be whole

is to love whatever gets in the way,

until it ceases to be an obstacle.

~  :  ~  :  ~  :  ~

Without knowing it,

we work hard

at cutting a path to our deeper self

that waits patiently for us to arrive,

all tired, aching, and out of breath. 

Once the path is cleared 

and once the being at our center is discovered,

we can return to the world

in relationships with our soul."


Thread is in progress!

Please stand by!

It will be open soon. Its late, and I need to build some context before the thread opens up.



This thread is going to be talking about the development of Self to Soul, and about Soul recognition.

If you are reading this now, I ask for your support.

This is a huge and (at times) complex topic. I am committed that this not be laborious or difficult to


I request that you join me and join our Bmindful community by working on the alignment b/t your mind and your heart.

Where ever you are: physically, emotionally, mentally, you can help out by centering, balancing and quieting. 

The way to achieve centering is to overcome all that you are craving.

Most cravings come from the astral body, and the astral body is very responsive to our emotions. No matter what you are craving: materially or emotionally, all cravings create a barrier, and it blocks you from accessing and ascent into a higher realm of spiritual consciousness.

I will need about 2 days to pull the context together.

Lets plan that the thread will be open by this weekend.

In the meantime, relax in to your center.

Begin to notice how we always crave things!  The mind never stops!!

You can begin a 3 to 5 minute daily meditation. Recommend during meditation, focus on breath first, it will help you tap in physically...

In order for peace to exist, it must exist with both the heart and mind.




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