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I was hunting around the old threads looking for some pearls of wisdom on that age old topic of ‘Acceptance’ – and couldnt find one, so I thought I would start one.
We have all talked about it in various threads but there is yet to be a thread that contains a collection of experiences, anecdotes and stories of when Acceptance really was the answer to our problems.
I would love to hear how we all deal with situations where we are forced to accept stuff that we dont particularly like or approve of. By trusting the universe/God and accepting a situation as it is, is a wonderfully freeing experience when you finally stop trying to fight it/change it or manipulate it to the way you ‘think’ is best. Acceptance is trust. Acceptance is peace of mind. Acceptance is letting go.

For me the answer to all my problems today is Acceptance, but on the flip side – if we accept something we dont like are we settling for less??

A full and thankful heart..

Acceptance doesn’t mean we have to like it, it simply notes something exists.

If you hated the color blue, and that was the color you painted your whole interior of your house, would you deny the color was blue, or would you accept that is the color, and you simply don’t like it?

At that point you can look into what you can change or-> if you choose to change your semi-rigid-taste my picking compliment colors to change the appearance of the blue you didn’t like. Choice. Decision.

In the above context -I use the word rigid as a word that means..we always have choice

The key is understanding acceptance is a process, and to to allow yourself to go through the process, you have to begin somewhere. The house is blue, and it doesn’t feel right..Being it’s the beginning, it means you now have choices how to deal with your experience. If you deny it is blue, and fantasize/visualize it being different..what happens on the days you are
halting h.a.l.t. too hungry, angry, lonely or tired and changing a lie (denial of what exists) is too hard?

Honesty in life allows for change. Acceptance is key.
“God grant me the serenity to accept
the things I cannot change;
the courage to change the things I can;
and the wisdom to know the difference.”
~Reinhold Niebuhr, The Serenity Prayer

In response to Laurie~LovesFocusingWell’s post:
The word acceptance has confusing connotations. It sounds like approval, like you’re enjoying something.

When acceptance is used in the process of moving forward..it only says you are admitting it exists.

With other people, we know we can’t change things..Though some of us probably wonder ..if you accept..is it putting negative energy out there to keep them that way.

I believe this energy thing can’t be looked at like a magic wand or superstitious bad sign …
Communicating things is only part of the power, as powerful as it is.

I had a circumstance in an environment where the some of the individuals were gossipy and negative. And oh how I despise that. So, how could I accept ..be joyous..and change things? Well I’ll tell you what I did…

Over considerable time, I focused on myself realizing I can’t change others.

I used process affirmations, prayer, writing and treating others the way I wanted to be treated, “not expecting anything in return” except a joyous day and a joyous good life. I also forgave them, and had compassion for them not understanding giving is receiving, especially in the setting I am referring to.

Recently, this focus truly paid off, because I remained true to my principles, and while remaining true..in this setting and others, my confidence has soared beyond my expectations. This happened not just because the results seem to show my efforts paid off..but also because I remained true to my higher principles.

It could’ve been looked at as passive. It wasn’t.

I was highly involved in progression inwardly, and outwardly. I just wasn’t going for the jugular, which those who care about me suggested lol.

I feel as you mature, the way we spoke to siblings (tattling, belittling etc) doesn’t have a place in the good life you want to have, as an adult.

How can you step out of the box, if one foot is spending all of it’s time stepping on people, and you always feel like your hands are tied. If this was a game of Twister you’d surely lose.

Keep your freedom, keep your dignity and integrity..when it comes to living among others who haven’t learned to love.

In response to Laurie~LovesFocusingWell’s post:
Thanks Laurie – insightful. (Love the bit about keeping dignity – I identify with that…see below)
Any examples of how you have accepted something in life and made for a more ‘comfortable’ outcome?

My example is that recently I had to accept that I will never be friends with my sister in law. That no matter how hard I try, she will not respond to me. I had to accept that this is her choice (to ignore me) and to respect her opinion – but most imprtantly I was able to accept that she is a different kind of person to me, and therefore I need not expect her to behave in the way I would.
This acceptance allowed me to give myself a break and stop trying so hard – and also allowed me trust and accept that this is the way it is meant to be – why force a situation that will never be. Perhaps its for the best, simply because we are very different and have little in common!!


A full and thankful heart..

I believe knowing you are dissimilar to someone is very helpful!!(:

I also believe focusing on what is truly important in your life comes 1st..

I have a member in my family, that I wanted his approval more than I was willing to admit. When I let go of this person as something I needed by focusing on much more important areas, real truth came to light about my own growth..and where to focus my time. And then truly realizing not having this person in my life was not only ok because we were dissimilar, but because I value myself too much not to be put in situations where it could be considered harms way.

I finally realize while I always had forgiveness for this person, I now have created an energy around me that only invites loving encounters.
When others have difficulty looking at themselves they cannot relate well to most people. This is not to take someone’s inventory, though love is something you recognize when it’s present.

We can bring love to any circumstance, and if no one is home..where you bring it, it doesn’t get received.

In response to Laurie~LovesFocusingWell’s post:
Yep! So true. I totally relate.
Hard to believe that you would ever want approval from others – but we all begin this journey somewhere, and its good to see how you have grown since then.

Its an eye-opener, this approval seeking. Perhaps I was seeking approval…but I now realise I do not need her approval (not just because we are dissimilar) but mainly because I need to be the best me I can be – without approval from another human being. Putting others on a pedestal isnt good – they get pretty lonely up there!

A full and thankful heart..

In response to anoushka’s post:
Family is a tricky emotional bond.

I believe you need to truly separate yourself from the bond to see what really exists.

I was raised that the mere thought of separating myself from a family member was not ok. I was so glad to find out is vital.

From this experience, I found ways to love the person and myself more..It was a process. When timing is right, in God’s Eyes..I have myself to bring to that relationship, and it would take lot for that same person, to have negative power in my life again. Because I’d have to open the door(:

I didn’t even recognize the power as negative, because forgiveness was my middle name(:

Though there has to be some accountability and negotiation in any good relationship.

You can not just come and destroy. I am God’s work, and I’ve invested my whole life in me, I don’t ever want to lose my investment.

In response to Laurie~LovesFocusingWell’s post:
Ooooh I like that last line. Very assertive. Thats what I love about you Laurie.
Blessings for a wonderful day ahead. x

A full and thankful heart..

Much love and blessings Noush(:

As a kid you have to accept who surround you but in the end you have to make you and the people you choose around your own. It’s all about keeping it real.. If something affects the way you live in a negative way then you have to say, goodbye!

In response to bbirishbug’s post:
Hi Julie I think in the context we’re batting back and forth..acceptance is not about having to accept or not accepting..it’s the acknowledgement of what is..

Like my earlier example..you can dislike the color you painted your home, but whatever the color is-is..That’s the acceptance we are referring here about.

I believe the acceptance you are referring to has to do with approving of..

Lol, sorry guys for not taking the time to read your posts in this thread :p Hi anyways! Laur: xx Hope all is good :)

thread from 2010...  let's keep it going... (if it fits for you) (:

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