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TV Shows or Specials That Touch Your Heart

I just came home from a 10 hour work day, looking to veg a bit. I didn’t expect to find such a powerful tv movie as Temple Grandin . It is a true story about a brilliant autistic woman who received her doctorate.

It was up there with Helen Keller story for me.

Some youtube clips for you to watch if you don’t mind seeing the end..
11/12 scene
12/12 scene
Although they have the whole show on youtube on this page. There are 12 parts.If you have an opportunity to see won’t regret it.

Books she has written

Use this thread to share good tv, that touches your spirit(:

“When we are centered in joy, we attain our wisdom.” Marianne Williamson

music to enjoy Mraz-tune
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I love House, Gossip Girl & My Life as Liz at the moment. Leap Year was really good. I’ve been wanting to see that movie with Claire Danes (it’s actually a Welch name)

Hi! Will check it out soon. Thanks Laurie. : )

No TV Shows but couple of movies really touched me.

UP(Disney Pixar):
The first few minutes about Karl and Ellie’s life together almost had me in tears.
Another scene in then end about Ellie’s scrapbook made my head spin, i felt like i was inside a fairy tale. Total and complete acceptance can transform a simple life. All the money in the world cannot bring anyone that feeling.

Kung fu Panda:
Loved how a nobody found out that he had always been the greatest thing that walked the face of the earth.

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