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Theories of Honest-Empowerment

There are many tools that have been ‘around’ to teach honest levels of personal empowerment.

There are also quick fixes out there which bypass things needed to truly gain wisdom.

Most of us have had enough hindsight info in our lives and/or learned tools to bring you to places of acceptable or truly desired inner confidence with many areas of our lives.

No one has mastered everything they want, so areas of empowerment won’t exist in the unlearned area.. just in the capacity to accept where you are with what you know or don’t know will give true empowerment.

From acceptance you can dedicate yourself to learning what is necessary from the true point of power- right where you are in the moment.

This thread is a discussion…a sharing of what empowerment means to each of us.

“When we are centered in joy, we attain our wisdom.” Marianne Williamson

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It’s another great thread Laurie, thanks! Usually when I feel empowered, it’s when I acknowledge and appreciate something. That happens to me when I know God is with me, two threads are better and stronger than one! God gives me strength to be integral and strong and also to cope and endure. I feel empowered whenever I use my skills i’ve learned through spiritual books to be able to help others come to an understanding of God. I am a teacher, perhaps I may be able to save lives. That’s the greatest sense of joy. I’m able to show compassion even to strangers, so that’s empowering. I have a great sense of style, that’s empowering. Maybe I can sew clothes for people once I master the sewing machine. I feel empowered when I reflect God’s qualities and am a good example and encouraging to older ones and even little ones. That’s my sense of real empowerment!

I feel empowered when I see a person realize the power they hold within themselves. I feel empowered when I check my reactions to stressful situations and remain calm and in control.

Attitude Life Coach, helping others to see the Power of a Positive Attitude with Affirmations and Gratitudes, Learn to be The Creator of Your Life.

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