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as so many of you have a lot of helpfull advice can you suggest detox ideas or share experiences .I’m thinking of having a try .

Hi flowergirl, I tend to seek the knowledge of Ancient cultures when it comes to anything mind, body, spirit and have found their cultivated approach to life instinctively appeals to me. No need to complicate things, all one has to do is pay attention to what mother nature reveals to us everyday. I usually state if it comes from nature eat it, if its man made ditch it. (to a certain extent) Detoxing with fruit works wonders for me. At the beginning of every year I start with a 5 day fruit fast (2nd January) 1st of July I do a 3 day fruit fast and every Sunday in between I try my best to fruit fast as well. A total of 58 fruit detox days a year. If you are younger I recommend monthly instead of weekly fasts. Its all about respecting your digestive system which in return offers you longevity along with radiant health. Certified Organic obviously helps along the way. I am 43 years young and feel I’m in my best ever physical shape with clarity of mind and a tranquil soul. Its a never ending journey though but will enjoy to continue working on myself… Hope that helped in some way flowergirl? Cool handle : )

hi Thespis,thanks for your helpfull reply ,u love fruit and it will be a treat to eat it for 5 days .Im going to start caring for my body instead of abusing it with junk .Will remember – if it comes from nature eat it – if its manmade ditch it .will let you know when i start ,love flowergirl

hi again Thespis ,this will be a big step for me as i “ comfort eat” junk in bed ,long term habit that goes with long term depression ,both of which its time to release

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