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★★Happy, Joyous & Free -Morning Rampage


I am happy and grateful I was able to get more rest  this morn, and will do things with beautiful joyous pace.

I am happy and grateful  to choose to take my time and choose how I want the day to go.

I am happy and grateful I am making my own self care my highest priority-so everything else makes happy-sense.

I am happy that I allow myself to be a calm-happy. Calm happy is such a wonderful way to ease into the day.

I am so happy that I love everything about choice... I will choose happy joyous and free things all day long



Today I'm more than calm-happy. I'm calm! I'm happy! Though I'm enthused too because this day is a blank slate. I don't even need an eraser... because it is all going to be good.

Today the day awaits.. I can feel the peace, love and joy all around.

I can feel the harmony in the universe.

I carry the harmony within, so I have no choice but to experience it!

and I wouldn't have it any other way!

This morning I loved sleeping

Now I am loving allowing for a day which I have never seen before

I am enjoying the prospects of possibilities

I am loving doing what I do to get ready

I am loving that my energy increases with each desire to be in the new moment

I am pleased I have this day

I am looking forward to a day they call work

I am looking forward to enjoying it as play.

Today is such a good day.

It is my day.

I am easing into it.

Yesterday was a good day.

I'm loving just loving this day, even though I am remembering yesterday's good qualities.

I'm off today.

I'm celebrating this moment.

This day is my day.

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