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★★Happy, Joyous & Free -Morning Rampage


I am happy and grateful I was able to get more rest  this morn, and will do things with beautiful joyous pace.

I am happy and grateful  to choose to take my time and choose how I want the day to go.

I am happy and grateful I am making my own self care my highest priority-so everything else makes happy-sense.

I am happy that I allow myself to be a calm-happy. Calm happy is such a wonderful way to ease into the day.

I am so happy that I love everything about choice... I will choose happy joyous and free things all day long



Today I'm more than calm-happy. I'm calm! I'm happy! Though I'm enthused too because this day is a blank slate. I don't even need an eraser... because it is all going to be good.

Today the day awaits.. I can feel the peace, love and joy all around.

I can feel the harmony in the universe.

I carry the harmony within, so I have no choice but to experience it!

and I wouldn't have it any other way!

This morning I loved sleeping

Now I am loving allowing for a day which I have never seen before

I am enjoying the prospects of possibilities

I am loving doing what I do to get ready

I am loving that my energy increases with each desire to be in the new moment

I am pleased I have this day

I am looking forward to a day they call work

I am looking forward to enjoying it as play.

Today is such a good day.

It is my day.

I am easing into it.

Yesterday was a good day.

I'm loving just loving this day, even though I am remembering yesterday's good qualities.

I'm off today.

I'm celebrating this moment.

This day is my day.

This morning I am looking forward to taking such loving care of me

I love choosing what I love and what is always there to love me back

I love a morning meal that says

'there you go'

'that's for you'

'just the way you love it'

I love being kind to others,

My spirit wouldn't enjoy it any other way.

I love looking forward to my day.

When I love my day... it loves me back with sweetness, flow & joy

Today I will love

and all 

that is meant for me

will greet me with love.

Just waking to this fresh new day

My spirit knows we have never seen this day  before

I Am present.

I Am allowing ease for myself

I Am gentle with what I observe

I easily wake to knowing it is a moment-right now that I Am and I Am allowing, being inner peace. I recognize I Am inner peace

I recognize the Sweetness and Power of surrender

I surrender and realize all is more magnificent than i could ever create alone

I Am Divinely Inspired

I Am Divinely Guided

I Am  Reflection of Divine

Today is a day of complete harmony

Today is a day I will look back on and remember ease is a gift I give myself.

Today is a day I will look  back on and recall Sweet Surrender 

I Am easing into this day

I have allowed this day

I Am waking

I love waking slow.


G'morning all.

Love waking up to Bmindful.

Love waking up to a brand new day.

Love that everything went well at something I gave a lot of allowing- & focused energy

Love that my efforts have shown evidence of going great

Love that I see my own efforts

Love that others recognize too

Love that I can take me wherever I go

Love that I will be having a wonderful morning-meal soon, before work... (and it is being prepared for me as I am writing this moment)

Love that it will be a great day today.

Love that Bmindful is doing so well.

Love that my job is going so well

Love that much of what I do -no matter how 'hard' I work, I can be me completely. I can play at be easy. 

Love that joy is a choice and all else is an illusion.

I am so thankful. I am so grateful!

Today is a good day, and it hasn't even started yet.

Today I am preparing for work, and I am not yet awake.

Today I will be my best self and will experience it with myself and others in the kindest and best of ways.

Today life is the great story I love it to be.

Today life works so well because I Am feeling what I know will work.

I am enjoying this moment, myself, others and this precious moment.

It is a great day.

Today is another wonderful day and once again it hasn't truly started and I'm not thoroughly awake. I do know everything about today will be the good day I will recall as another good day. Claiming it, being in the flow tells me so.

Today I Am allowing the energy I love. The peace, love and harmony which bring it all on is here to stay.

Lovely day.

Thank you Thank you Thank you.


It is late morning... I stayed up as late as I wanted ... and got up as late as I wanted. I love days off because they are good like that(:

I love how the newness of this day is calling out to me... It is asking me what would I enjoy? It is asking me how I'd like to feel.

I need not use words... because I'm loving that I've decided this will be a good day & the day is paved joyously.

I am enjoying the idea of waking up...It's just an idea right now(:

I see some things I will include in my day

and the rest I cannot see yet... though it will be the peace,love, harmony I desire

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