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★★In This Moment-Share Some Thoughts On Any Topic You Love

In This Moment -

Share Some Thoughts On Any Topic You Love Today


Wed. morn

I love the space that is created when I begin to think of things I love. I don't even have to have a concrete  idea of those things ...just yet... Just the idea of a soul-search for those things begins to create a higher frequency. I love knowing this.


Wed. morn.

I love thinking about exercise, planning for it & making it part of my life. Today I will focus on my love for exercise and why I value it so.


Thurs. morning

Many years ago on this site I set an intention of being much closer to my spirit place... and as I allowed... this came to be more and more.

And while I am satisfied with my current transformational experiences... I continue on(:

..to allow the space to Be

and thrive ...

from the newness that continues to continue(:


Its a wonderful experience to come from this soul place and allow each day.

Finding affirmations which resonate and intentions which catapult my experience -feel like a direct hit each time.

I can feel the prayerful vast possibilities before I begin anything and flow into activities than I have ever before.

Though while I love love love this...

I know to keep allowing, co-creating and surrendering is the ticket(:


 in response to thoughts above:


energy work is personal to us all... Today I want to allow myself to find words for 'experience'

be back in a bit...after I put some food in my body(:

Trusting and allowing is my focus at this moment in time as I reflect in this moment everything that has occurred in my life has led to this magnificent moment. Reflecting and understanding that nothing, no experience is in vain, they are intricately woven into the fabric of my being for I am constantly changing, evolving into someone more vibrant, loving and beautiful. 


In response to Nancee1953's post:

all so beautiful!!!  love it!!!


thanks so much for sharing!

Another topic I love is creating routines, disciplines & rituals.

It is so inspiring to know it is up to me -to determine what my life will look like.

From direct past experience of my own or the wisdom I have been exposed to of others... knowing what works has much clarity... It is engaging in things consistently to form better or newer ways...

Then... a strong and focused place ... materializes.

It is the willingness and resolve... that no matter what I will do this or that...

It is a bit of 'Rocky' and whole lot of seeing what is desired ... 

I remember when I had a personal trainer... (a true gift from God) ... after a health issue... and I asked him ... in somewhat weakish state... "how long before I see and feel a real noticeable difference?"

He replied without flinching...'3 mos'

And sure enough-3 mos later -I was the new... I wanted to experience...

With hope... and a vision I believed... I acted... and it was. I continued on ... and it was this experience that will always be a huge anchor for my understanding -of what is possible when I push beyond my self imposed limits. Of course I can think of other experiences which bring about this clarity.... Though this is the most tangible... and easy to apply to my working memory.

This gentleman... never let me keep doing what I could do ... We always added some more and it wasn't easy... though it was always awesome.

We got this

→ I embrace change and welcome deep transformation

→ I am the conscious creator of my reality.

→ I embrace my inner power.


→ I am timeless, ageless and infinite


→ I am enthusiastic about all of my hearts' desires.images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSQyFTPL0wDQE6xzC8GXf-NXipVcCoU0IsXlIO1wnjQuhPV2QoBimages?q=tbn:ANd9GcRwjzqm8wHkW5NnrfBmUZrKrwwu7mOQqbwu5heb3yVeNbgHTcZYEv9u1FE



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