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★★Upon Waking...1





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My peaceful mind results in wellness and happiness in all areas of my life.




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The path, the pace, the process are all mine to ownღ

I love my life because I live it with ease, and with ease I can have anything.

It is extraordinary just how much I have gotten to know me and the benefits of living my soul's truth.

Upon waking I am calm

I am peaceful

I am neutral ... just being

I am now  just enjoying this moment.


I feel good.

Upon waking... 

I am allowing ease into morning

I am allowing thoughts I enjoy

I am allowing my mind, body, and spirit to Be right in this moment

I am feeling a bit more rested

I am knowing as the morning continues I feel more and more the way I love for the day I will love today.

I am grateful.

I am appreciative.

I have faith, peace and joy in this moment.

I am fine with Now.

Upon waking... upon preparing myself for my Good day,I have claimed it as such.

Upon waking... I will allow myself to ease into the morningImage result for waking slow and well pic quote affirm

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