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★★Word Of The Year 2018

At last I have decided .For 2018 I have chosen two words 


                                              Grounded and Nurture 

Grounded for me will help me reconnect to my spirituality ,feel connected ,rooted and mindful especially when I am out in nature .
I have felt as though Im adrift from everything

Nurture will help me with taking care of our home and garden ,my family ,pets,friends and self .It will also help me focus on the therapies I love and hope to share eventually - aura and chakra energy healing ,colour therapy,crystal therapy,mindfulness ,meditation ,aromatherapy ,flower therapies,herbalism and yoga.

I am hoping in 2018 to become a reki master/teacher and qualify in 8 natural health courses .

my supporting words are

                                          simplicity, create ,cosy ,nature and bloom.

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Sunday Afternoon

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I have wandered way off the path of using these lovely words but am letting them settle back into my heart and soul again 

I am no longer waiting for a special occasion; I burn the best candles on ordinary days.
I am no longer waiting for the house to be clean; I fill it with people who understand that even dust is Sacred.
I am no longer waiting for everyone to understand me; It’s just not their task
I am no longer waiting for the perfect children; my children have their own names that burn as brightly as any star.
I am no longer waiting for the other shoe to drop; It already did, and I survived.
I am no longer waiting for the time to be right; the time is always now.
I am no longer waiting for the mate who will complete me; I am grateful to be so warmly, tenderly held.
I am no longer waiting for a quiet moment; my heart can be stilled whenever it is called.
I am no longer waiting for the world to be at peace; I unclench my grasp and breathe peace in and out.
I am no longer waiting to do something great; being awake to carry my grain of sand is enough.
I am no longer waiting to be recognized; I know that I dance in a holy circle.
I am no longer waiting for Forgiveness. I believe, I Believe.
-Mary Anne Perrone

Hippie in the Woods

"You donât always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, let go and see what happens."- Unknown

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As yesterday was my birthday I am starting the year from now with these beautiful words and going to make a vision board as a reminder 

I love your words!

I love your thread.

I really like creating a vision board around the words.


From this I'm developing my words for the year.

Every day in thoughts, intention & prayer -one of the first things out of my heart is harmony... where I Am and where All is. 

so 5-6  words for me so far (as you speak of supporting words...) for  harmony


flow...ease...peaceful...mindfulness... and a surrendering-acceptance

Thank you for creating this thread... 

I may change the words... though for now-this feels right.

I love your words! 


thank you selfcare - Harmony is a lovely word and your supporting words are too

I am so grateful to Susannah Conway for creating this https://www.susannahconway.com/about/

it is her workbook Im following called Unravel your year 



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