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★★Easing Feeling Doing {Intentions & Beautiful Results}

Today I ease into feeling

what I enjoy doing.

Today I ease into doing

what I enjoy feeling.

Today I allow myself to see what I want.

Today I enjoy breaking things down into manageable pieces based on what I desire to put into things and desire to receive.


Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄ƷA good intention clothes itself with sudden power. Ralph Waldo Emerson

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      When you write it, the magic begins.
      After you write it, you can start reading it.
      When you start reading it, you’ll be able to start saying it.
      When you start saying it, you start hearing it.
      When you start hearing it, you start to believe it.
      When you believe it, things begin to change.
      When things begin to change, you will understand. And believe. ~By Kate Britt





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Today's Inspired Action & Ease-Affirmation(s)



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October 23, 2018

Had an awesome experience with ease today.

I attribute it to many things.

We all know -no one thing is the predictor of something.

We vibrate with our energy-wants needs beliefs etc...



after creating a lengthy thread on goals

and doing some affirmations and intentions which related to them

with a foundation of my greatest intent EASE...



ba boom!


Even my email style (thank you note to someone close) changed

more humor

more  joy

more peace

more gratitude

more love!

And now I'm on track with all that matters to me

with the feelings and direction I love so much!



Today I ease into more allowing

Today I allow even more appreciation.




Today I engage in the practice of the thoughts of what I love to feel.

Today  my senses seem to dance and play.background.gif 

Today I maintain more of the flow and experiences I love by allowing ease.

Today I enjoy my life doing what I have learned needs doing ... by engaging in a wonderful backdrop of inner joy


Today I enjoy  doing what feels right for me.

Today I create free flowing lists of all kinds of resonating things...intentions, affirmations, quotes, and to-do's... and images of seeing myself take great care of my well rounded to do list.

Today I clear out anything (in the time I choose) which doesn't add to the life I love.



Today I enjoy breaking things down into manageable pieces

based on desired energy I want to put in 

and results I see in my minds eye.



Today I Am ready to co-create my day with total ease harmoniously for my Greatest Good.

Today that wonderful moment is here... I have allowed, I begin. It is all Good. Thank You Thank You. And it is all so. 


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coming  soon

energy work, prayer = awesome results.


You create an oh so perfect schedule you love!3f09bf6eec3bd8124dbd27a066d1a3fe--positive-affirmations-for-women-morning-affirmations.jpg

I create my own happiness and I expect my life to overflow with it.
Creating, planning and achieving my goals are ease itself and I love every minute of it!!!
My subconscious runs my affirmations on autopilot
I know the way forward and I take it.


In response to SelfcareLivingLifeOfEase's post:

Today I nurture my inner strength.

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