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★★Funny But True {It's What You Get Use To}pg1



All dressed up in Florida




Here are some funny Florida Winter weather pics(:



I am so not making light of hurricanes...though its true... News media is warning you in 'understandably' extreme ways to be prepared, and no no one knows whether to close their business or stay open... One minute we are loving where we live because of the weather, and the next we are clinging to our appreciation ... and believing in the best7df748f9cebfca13334648c850465dc4.jpg




It is about  what you get use to
1db074566a957cffb641e813d96e68e1--tropical-christmas-beach-christmas.jpg Join me in sharing funnies that  are funny though ring true    

Why do a funny but truism post like this- thread? I love the snow! I love 4 seasons. Though truth be told after almost 4 decades of living where I do {hard to believe it has been that long}, I choose to appreciate the heck out of it(:

Love it if you'd stop by and share what resonates & brings your smiles on(:

love this thread 


this applies to England ( Im a proud northener)

Related image

In response to flowergirl's post:


Hi flowergirl!


we had a bit of a breeze and cool down today.

Some are still adjusting(:

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Many love it...It brings out the silly in us(:

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