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★★LovingYourself Enough Be-Unconditional Love



With love in your heart, you are the magic and the miracle right where you are.

-Harold W. Becker





I thank you all in advance for your beautiful contributions!


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The Frequency Of Love{Soul Food Series}



As the world is rapidly changing and there is once again a seeming increase in confusion, tension, polarity and fear, I would like to send a different message to each and every one of you recalling the potential to love unconditionally. In this message, Harold W. Becker shares it is perhaps the most critical time we have yet encountered on the planet and it will take the personal strength of each to lift the world into a higher perspective in the coming days. For more please go to www.thelovefoundation.com He continues... Behind the many evolving news headlines is a bigger movement attempting to encourage a level of fear and hopelessness to permeate our consciousness into believing that we must be afraid of everything and everyone. This not-so-subtle effort is hoped to keep people from realizing their personal potential to make a difference... and the TRUTH is you do! It only takes one to simply realize that love is more powerful than fear and the game is done. it may be one of the greatest challenges you may ever face. To discover and express love in the face of fear and doubt takes enormous courage and strength. Yet, I know clearly that you are up to the task. This is no longer a time where we can sit idly by allowing our attention to become engrossed on the negative images and stories of others, or continue to live in our own fear, doubt and limitation. Look behind the headlines and images being projected. Then look within and understand why we allow doubt and fear to capture our imagination and release these emotional bonds to the past. When we can accept our ability to change our personal perspective, we change the outcome for all. Become an observer in the coming days and see where your thoughts and feelings are focused. By beginning with this first step, you will add to your awareness of love and affect people within your circle in an exponential and positive way. People thousands of miles away will instantly benefit by this love just because you were willing to go beyond your limited perspective to understand a bigger picture. The earth awaits your next thought and feeling of love and forgiveness. Peace does prevail. The Love Foundation


Luminosity, Prosperity, Generosity(love & light to self &others)

To love for the sake of being loved is human, but to love for the sake of loving is angelic.

— Alphonse de Lamartine



Whatever it is -meet it, greet it, and let it go or reframe its meaning to you.

Be joy Be a Shining Light from the inside out













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I really enjoyed creating this thread(:











"Love radiates from deep within me. It spreads like the rays of the sun to everyone who I meet today. I give love and I receive love. I breathe in love with each breath. I speak love with my words. I feel love in my heart. I create love. I am empowered by the love within me. I see love everywhere around me. I live in this love.
I Am Love {affirmation from inspirelove.net}


begin writing the next chapter of your life by allowing yourself to be the love you are

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"Illusion holds power over you when you are not able to remember that you are a powerful spirit that has taken on the physical experience for the purpose of learning. It has power over you when you are compelled by wants and impulses and values of your personality. It holds power over you when you fear and hate and sorrow and fester in anger or strike out in rage.
It has NO power over you when you LOVE,
when compassion opens your heart to others,
when your creativity flows unimpeded joyously into the present moment.
In other words, the illusion had no power over a personality that is fully aligned with the soul."~ Gary Zukav


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