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★★{ Q&A afformation} Why Am I So Grateful To Be Who I Am?


{ Q&A positive afformation}

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An Afformation is an affirmation with a neat little twist that makes a huge difference. Put very simply an Afformation is the question form of an affirmation. Noah St. John is the master mind behind this new way creating. Noah figured out the human mind is always asking and searching for the answers to questions. However, a lot of us spend way too much of our time asking self defeating questions.

source: http://leadingpersonality.wordpress.com/2013/05/25/self-defeating-questions-forget-about-themyou-should-try-afformations/#more-571

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They’ll be used in a multilingual e-colouring book I’ll be producing later in 2014. I challenge you to include them in your feel-good routine, starting today:

  1. Why is beauty everywhere?
  2. Why am I perfect love?
  3. Why does peace start with me?
  4. Why is each color a special gift?
  5. Why do I love BEING in nature?
  6. Why am I happy with myself?
  7. Why am I always more than enough?


∞ Nathalie Beaupré is the first Forensic Healer in Canada and the author of Why Am I Perfect? a book to empower children, parents and teachers.  Meet her on Facebook where she’s created a group dedicated to her revolutionary book. Read her blog here.




I am so grateful to be the person I am because I appointed myself as my best friend. 

I am so grateful for this awesome growing relationship I have with me, because with this bond I attract all kinds of wonderful in my life.


I am grateful & appreciative how I am allowing myself to love my life more and more and enjoying just being myself. I wouldn't have it any other way.

I am so grateful to be the person I am because liking myself in very real ways is the foundation for believing I deserve the good I say I want for myself

and others.

It is a Huge part of  the foundation for all that matters  


I am so grateful to be the person I am because I know I take such good care of me and will do so always.

I love that I have spent so much time in my life learning what is best for me so I can create great things for me.

The happier and good feeling I am the more I allow myself to be such a giver in my daily life... 

I love giving to others and giving makes less sense when I am needing my energy. I love having energy for myself and others.

I am grateful to be me-because I will say NO to others... until I can give a wonderful Yes to being present for them.

I am grateful to be me-because work I often choose- is serving others. And I love that.

I especially love that because I will give well to others because I give well to me.


I am so grateful to be who I am because I trust myself to always be there for me.

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