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★★Fun&Focused From Heart Place {quotes/affirmations/videos}

What a beautiful thing to feel your feelings from a place that feels so right just for you...

please confirm this heart place with affirmations, quotes,videos etc.... first 2 posts are kind of long...I guess I was enjoying "too much" tongue-outto skip intro

have fun!laughing-heart-vector.jpg



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CAM-PT-American-Heart-Month-300x268.jpgFocused From My Heart Place31f2e9e980ee13cf102a5ed3826322be--focus-on-your-own-shit-tunnel-vision-quotes.jpg

 related threads in process

LISTEN to your heart







 This video is an ASL interpretation of Pharrell Williams's "Happy." An expression of music in ASL composed by Rosa Lee Timm and Azora Telford. The video was produced by a team of Deaf campers & staff from Deaf Film Camp 2014 at Camp Mark Seven.

 on that note I am on to amazing day, and wishing every single member here the same...if that is what you desire of course(:



04165238ed6d1ca47beb01bd78bad595--comics-online-web-comic.jpgheavy-heart.jpg  lighten up your heart place





We’ll pick you up!

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