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★★Read this to understand why your reacting negatively to affirmations +Solution

What the process is known as is a clearing, cleansing, removal, releasing + more. A subconscious reaction to the positive statement. The subconscious issue is bring brought to the conscious minds awareness to be solved. The solution is to do an affirmation " I am feeling ___" and make sure its a positive way of feeling. The ratio of affirmations to the feeling statement should work around 20% of repetition of the feeling statement and obviously the rest of the 80% can be whatever you choose. It worked that way for affirmation recordings so I assume it would work similar to the 20% ratio when only mentally doing them to yourself.

Thank you for creating a brand new thread ... one you love ...and one that will always inspire/trigger our thinking/feeling affirmation place.

will return to your topic soon(:

PS I have been enjoying affirmations more & more these days./I do  want to review the progressive things I may be incorporating before fully reading your thread to hear/be open to  your thoughts and be in better touch with my own experiences

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