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--★★Happiness meeting: Leading and Being Lead...celebrating our sacred journey

In this Happiness meeting, we are invited to notice the difference b/t leading and being lead.

This is another spiritually based thread, and it is my desire that this will be experiential, and that with great subtlety, we increase both awareness and we bring about working balance where one channel is allowing, receiving and open to receiving greater good, and the other channel is putting out energy in the for of generating, planting, navigating, giving, supporting.

In b/t the two energies, we create a balance, and we cycle energy.  There is a time to plant, a time to grow, a time to rest, a time to sow... 



Previous  Happiness Meeting-Communicating with and into  the unknown

I am open to some truly great growth with this thread.  This topic is chosen for its subtlety. 

One part, I think originates with our rational mind.  It deals with one aspect of our consciousness.  The other action is like opening the unknown, and allowing for us to receptive to the contribution of what we are manifesting.

This thread is to heighten greater sensitivity to our ability to balance our energy, that we give and receive optimally and naturally, thereby, trust becomes as natural as taking our next breath.  We breath in, and we start the cycle over with the gift of life and contribution. 


For me, I hope to get more awareness of the subtlety b/t leading and being lead.

I hope to create balance, where I can allow myself to "be lead", spiritually, and that the world will contribute to my growth.

I am not seeking power or transformation.  What I am interested in is refining my channels and having greater sensitivity to what I am manifesting with my energy.

Suggestions/ reflections:

  1.  Refinement: Regardless of all of your current situations or conditions:  are you allowing yourself to be open to contribution?  Please notice, can you feel your rational mind, as it tries to engage this content??  This is more beneficial if you work on the sensitivity of noticing the rational mind, verses another part of your conscious awareness that is not the rational mind.  Its awareness.  It has always been there, and it can always be found and interacted with.
  2. Allowing/Listening: The greatest attribute of being a good listener is having the capacity to yield the space for others.  Who would I have to be in order to be able to yield myself so that others may have the space?  Allowing is also a type of yielding that goes beyond listening.  Allowing is synonymous with acceptance or permitting something to occur. 
  3. Energy balancing:  When I think of energy balance, I think of being energy efficient!  There are many important things that contribute to our level of energy.  Eating healthy, especially more fresh vegetables and fruits, has such a positive affect on mood, and on opening up to greater creativity! It helps us to "be ourselves"! That's the physical and mechanical part.  Now, to briefly touch on the aspect of energy, which is vitality, vivacity, zest, spark... I think this part about energy is going to be really interesting and will be the most satisfying because balancing energy is a prized goal.  And finding that balance requires decent food, decent sleep, decent physical exercise, decent mood, and emotionally healthy and dynamic.
  4. Building new connections with your awareness:  This is our goal of this weeks happiness meeting.  We want to have awareness of our truth, and respecting that truth by listening and yielding.  Change, growth, maturity, new seeds, peace, acceptance, these are evidence of the fruits of listening and yielding, and developing really great connections with inner awareness. Its not the only evidence!  Other evidence would be developing a greater repertoire of responses, equal to the experiences and the endless capacity to change to meet the appropriateness of our experiences. 


                      This meeting is now opened!  Please feel free to join us!!

While none of these concepts are new, they only need to be a part of our now.

We always need energy, and great incredibly healthy food!  And we always need balance b/t giving and receiving of energy.


Good morning Kathi! Thank you for creating another Happiness Meeting. Looking forward to seeing where it leads. For myself, the part of the meeting which currently has caught my eye... (or better said-engaged my spirit) -> Energy balancing.

I am most happy with how this has been coming along for me.

No matter what seems to be occurring (Thank You God), I feel OK where it counts. 



Do I get tired? Sure I do. Do I take on a lot? Yes, though aware -my participation is always a choice.

Do I always like to experience-better? Of course. Though..love how I am joyously aware I can be who I Am regardless of how others are.

Example: Not everyone has learned/practiced/desired various tools to make this a reality. Yesterday I came in contact with a woman who was seriously depressed by her own admission. I asked her-if she could think of Anything -she loved. She said-No. She said since her hubby passed and she is old... there is Nothing. 

I asked her... as trivial as it sounds... Do you have a favorite color? She said 'Yes, blue'

I said could you think of blue, color it-or get something blue? She said Yes... as though -thinking of something she loved was a foreign experience. And she said thank you-as though she had won the lotto.

I bring this up, because I am ever so grateful that I understand this for my own life, so I can 'give it away'. inspirational-kindness-sayings.jpg

I enjoy pleasing me... taking care of me... and surprising myself in new ways to allow forward momentum... and when it feels right, I love sharing!e7ea9c99a46c497063f3036c4abb7793.jpg


Here is another 1 of my favorites which resonates with me:




I am often surrounded by people who just have lots of hurting things going on in their life. And their behavior is not who they are... Just like it is not who we are (we are always more!) Though... by truly focusing on 'what I Am' and what i am broadcasting from ... I 'transform' so quickly from being affected by the challenges of others... and continue the vibrational energy that assists me greatly and better harmonizes with the 'flow' of the day...


I am grateful and appreciative of this awareness,

Thank you again for this thread...to reinforce and grow from where I Am. 

2:43 AM (I got home from work last eve, and  got in bed ....stayed there until now... responded here, and going back to bed now)- so guess instead of saying g'night...I'll say  g'morning...though for all  practical purposes-g'night(:



since I last wrote... much transforming has been taking place...

and through it all... this pic says much for me(:



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Bmindful rocks!

In response to AlwaysWonderfulPossibilities's post: Wow, my eyes popped when you mentioned "color"!!  Such synchronicity! I was thinking about how to bring in the use of color, because its easy to visualize, and it often produces positive feeling!

In response to AlwaysWonderfulPossibilities's post: Thank you for sharing!  I admire your absolute zest, where you said you " enjoy pleasing me, taking care of me, and surprising myself in new ways to allow forward momentum"!  

Thats awesome!!

And, it points me to one of my values, which is to be transformed by Love!

Thats powerful, to be transformed by LOVE!  And, its a choice.  We are the sum total of our choices! And, we are powerful, and we make powerful choices.

I love that you offered that woman a beat of hope.  You contributed to her and you empowered her to want to feel something that she had forgotten. She can now enjoy who she is!

My experience with my now:

I am open to receive contribution from the universe.  I am open to making very amazing connections, and opening new doors, and expanding my awareness as well as new connections, internationally.  

I am known now. My truth is out and about now.

I AM open and available to contribute to the growth and the vitality of those I serve.

I am open to receiving and to being a miracle!  


I am not being stopped by doubt.  

I am propelled by vision, and I am willing to create buoyancy and surrender.  

My spiritual hunger is opening new channels of creation and influence.

I am uniquely available to usher in a new era of peace and prosperity, kindness and generosity, joyous health, happiness and sacred family reunion.

I am willing to commune with the ineffable.



In response to This Happiness Meeting:  This is an interesting concept. Leading or being led in my mind and experience is a very subtle difference. I am not sure the energy flows in one direction or the other, but is more circular in practice or an ebb and flow never quite being one or the other. For example, I was a school administrator and I was called on to lead many meetings. I saw myself more as a facilitator to help clarify and expand diverse ideas and come to consensus on implementing best practice. I was both leading and being led by the discussion of the group. The energy was being transferred and magnified by both the speaker and the listener.  

Spiritually I think it goes like this: You intentionally put out Kindness energy toward others and you receive more kindness in return. It's paradoxical. The more you give the more you receive. Love and kindness are the key to spiritual connectedness. It is a deliberate effort to direct your actions and conversations in a kind and loving manner. 

Words are like seeds. When you write them out, they grow into your dreams and spark the imagination of others.

In response to Poppy's post: Thank you Poppy, I appreciate your post!

I understand your thoughts, energy is circular, or cyclic. Most people are striving for balance, and there is a learning curve, a shift in awareness.

I believe that energy work is important.  There are some people who have a true gift, and its a gift from God.  Look at the life of Edgar Cayce. The sleeping prophet. He definitely had an amazing gift. And what he had was definitely a gift from God. 

The kind of energy work that I am interested in is with creating higher vibrations. I don't know if its higher or if its just more specific, more directed energy.

What am I asking for? 

I am looking at how my energy is, and how I give, how I receive. I want to look at this, and ask really good questions.  What is working under these conditions, and what is not working.  And, is this what I want or do I want to do something or several things differently to try and effect change or illicit a different experience. Is this a change for me, or is this a change for others?

Well, I want to channel my energy in a new way.  I open up pathways for incredible contribution.  What does incredible mean?  To me, it means brilliance. 


To me, the difference b/t leading and being lead, is one way is active, and the other is passive.

Both are valuable. 

For me, right now, I choose "being Lead". I choose to surrender! And, I choose to be in the flow of this Happiness meeting.

And I choose brilliant contribution from an uncommonly kind and loving world!






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Bmindful rocks!

Allowing/Listening: [taking your reflection questions in-will be back] laughing


My thoughts :

I Am celebrating my sacred journey(: My hope is I continue to 'run into others' where our journeys are gifts to one another.



 Who would I have to be in order to be able to yield myself so that others may have the space?

Space for others ...hmmmm?

I Am creating space -period.

I Am creating space for my Spirit-place. My spirit place Is Love.

When I drown out/dummy-down/stifle the Love I Am, I Am not  allowing space for the love others already are.

I receive the love I Am, by not energizing broken/missing -anything 

I then can demonstrate/be  so much more  from my heart-place...

to be continued



To me it is about pure surrender into love, and that is the only lead.images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRAwGviVhvLNyWrqS6o_ijUmmtSESFk8SfsvgDouKhHGB7cXqNYMw

For Kathi's post






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Bmindful rocks!

In response to AlwaysWonderfulPossibilities's post: Thank you for your posts about kindness!! Love the messages!!  

And what makes kindness so life affirming??  Because, kindness is a choice.  Its the circuit that is re-energizes itself! And, most often, the energy that we get back from kindness doubles and triples, and quadruples! 

We could have this experience newly, everyday, and all of the great memories improve brain function and create momentum, allowing for abundance of energy, which can be directed and channeled! Its a strong building block, and the more you use it up, and stronger is the need to recharge! Its meant to be shared!

In response to Poppy's post:


the great work you did as administrator at school reminded me of this quotelaughingimages?q=tbn:ANd9GcRK4IuvBshnfSqT4j7WZcx46CgIdngLRDcj_yNACG-ziQsOQB3t0Ad7a94cfe885fa85a8d090470e1cd4e32.jpg


In response to Kathi's post:

Love & Happiness-yes can definitely be considered choiceslaughing

In response to Poppy's post: In response to Kathi's post

I love these happiness mtgs! Glad you're here. Glad to be here-taking part .6967550260_778d7487c2.jpg


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Bmindful rocks!


This meeting is almost 2 years old... 

though we know -no meeting... no thread -in our Happiness Cafe' ever closes...around here(:



In response to Kathi's post:

These caught my eye:

Building new connections with your awareness and Energy balancing


First I will start with an affirmation I created very recently

.I can Be, now I can Do.

like we do as we grow... we add & we shed(:

I love how much I accomplished when I was 'the goal monster' , my own version of a heat seeking missile if you will (:

I never stopped doing... though I went through big changes as I got older ... listening to myself, feeling my own energy... allowing much more.

The experiences have been magical.

Though now... I feel like I'm coming full circle... 

I'm ready to team with my desires differently.

I'm ready to team with those I team with differently.

And if I had to label what this is for me... I'd just say the time is right to be do have

, and it feels good.

It is not that I wasn't being, doing, having

I just feel the balancing out of this-if this makes sense to anyone reading(:

would love to share about this soon!

I'm off today, so see you later today.kiss


Old paradigm: DO so you can HAVE so you can BE.
New paradigm: BE so you can DO so you can HAVE. KATHY PAAUW -

  • ‘To be is to do’ —Socrates

‘To do is to be’—Jean Paul Sartre

Do-be-do-be-do-be-do. —Frank Sinatra



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Bmindful rocks!

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